Who Do we Serve?

The staff members of The Resource Counseling Center Outpatient Clinic are devoted to partnering with you in your recovery.  We are here to assist you in achieving your goals. We promote a mind, body, spirit approach. Your decision to commit to your own recovery is essential for success. We look forward to our journey with you on this path of self-discovery.



While attending outpatient treatment, each patient has an excellent opportunity to make major life changes toward improving the general quality of their lives. Each patient in our OUTPATIENT program, will, with the aid of their primary counselor initiate and follow a weekly schedule dedicated to treatment of chemical dependency. Patients enrolled in our INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT program, attend 5 days per week, receiving group and individual counseling, as well as seminar work. Those who need detox services and enroll in our OUTPATIENT ANCILLARY DETOX program will meet with our medical staff and with the help of the latest in addiction medicine, be comfortably weaned off of their drug of choice, as well as be enrolled in one of our counseling programs. DWI assessments, ACCES/VR screenings are done by appointment. Call for the next available time slot.


An initial treatment plan is completed with the patient within 72 hours of admission. A treatment plan is developed for each patient by program staff in partnership with the patient within 30 days of the initial treatment plan. The plan includes an identification of the individual patient's problems and needs, leading to a clear and specific plan for the provision of appropriate interventions.  The program staff, the patient and identified community agencies will then conjointly implement the recovery plan. The patient and program staff will review the overall progress and functioning of the patient and revise the plan as needed or at a minimum 90 days from the date of the original treatment plan.  Continued care is based on achievement of stated goals and objectives on the treatment plan.


We strongly believe that appropriate discharge and aftercare planning are vital aspects of your recovery. Our experience indicates that those who commit to following a structured continuing care plan greatly increase their opportunities for success. You will partner with your primary counselor to develop a discharge plan upon admission and work toward your individual goals for discharge throughout the duration you attend TRCC.
Many factors must be considered in the discharge aftercare process such as: family, finances, treatment recommendations, legal stipulations, physical and mental health, vocational/educational, specific relapse triggers, treatment, relapse histories and specific relapse triggers.


Like everything else in life, the career paths/choices of the chemically dependent are strongly affected by this condition.  In the early and middle stages of recovery it is important to reassess choices made and paths taken.  Each patient is given the opportunity to, and encouraged to go through this process. This begins with the primary counselor and broadens to utilize a wide network of other resources which include; outpatient services, ACCES, BOCES, EOC, local colleges, training programs, etc.


In addition to services provided by The Resource Counseling Center patients in the program are informed of and referred to specialty community services. These include alcoholism and substance abuse outpatient treatment and rehabilitation, mental health treatment, general medical and dental care, financial assistance/credit counseling, legal, educational and vocational services.   All patients must attend the HIV group offered here at TRCC 



Coverage is available for all patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may access us after hours at 718 871 2400 and our answering service will roll your call over to the assigned staff member. Additionally, you can be connected to the Recovery & Life Coaching Academy's (another member of the The Resource Training Center's Family of Services)Free Telephone Recovery Support, where you can be connected with a certified Recovery Coach to help guide and support you in your Recovery.