Our Mission Statement:

The Resource Counseling Center, Inc. empowers chemically dependent individuals to achieve their full potential by delivering community-based substance abuse treatment services, and to concentrate on mental, physical and emotional recovery for our patients and their families.

TRCC Values are:

  • We are patient-oriented
  • We operate with honesty and integrity
  • We treat everyone with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity
  • We are accountable to patients, employees and providers
  • We are committed to quality, motivation and excellence
  • We communicate openly and frequently
  • We are a synergized, team-oriented agency


Agency Objectives:

  • Protect and improve the agency’s position and treat our clients with respect.
  • Intensify the agency’s effort to establish and develop program services to meet the unmet needs of populations served.
  • Outcomes that will result in reduced recidivism rates, stronger long-term sobriety and engagement in society.
  • Outcomes that relate to improving the agency’s financial performance and stability.
  • Continued development of employee competencies and on-going assessment of agency effectiveness and outcomes.