The Recovery & Life Coaching Academy(RALCA) @ TRTC





The Resource Training Center is excited to host a new training program, The Recovery & Life Coaching Academy!

This new program is a five-day training, using the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) model, for individuals who would like to become involved in serving as a recovery coach.

What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is an individual with an interest in promoting recovery by assisting in overcoming obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal mentor for people who are both in recovery, or wanting to be in recovery. Participants in the training will learn an in-depth overview of what being a recovery coach entails, as well as the various roles a recovery coach plays. The participants will gain tools and resources helpful in providing recovery support services, and focuses on the skills needed to connect people in recovery to the support and skills needed to maintain and strengthen long-term recovery.

The trainings are held at our new New York City location at 500 8th Avenue, Suite 907 New York NY 10011! Our state of the art equipment, and dynamic training staff will provide participants with a valuable learning experience they won't soon forget. The Recovery Coach Movement is going strong, and The Resource Training Center's Recovery & Life Coaching Academy has trained more Recovery Coaches than any other provider in New York.

The Recovery & Life Coaching Academy, through it's work with The Resource Training Center, is happy to be a part of the Recovery Movement in New York through Access to Recovery/ New York Supports Opportunities for Accessing Recovery Services (ATR/NY SOARS) If you are 18 years old or older and could benefit from support to initiate or maintain your recovery, check out ATR/NY SOARS by going to email


SPECIAL THANKS TO THE Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR), the national leaders of the Recovery Coach movement. CCAR developed the Recovery Coach curriculum. The model which they developed is the model currently being considered for certification or accreditation in New York State.



Be a part of the movement! Contact Dona Pagan at 718-871-7433 or

Download the Recovery Coach Training Application by clicking here!


The Recovery and Life Coaching Academy is currently the largest Recovery Coach Training providerin New York State.

To date--over 1000 recovery coaches have been trained
Of those--over 100 have also become trainers themselves.
TRTC has conducted RC Trainings at:
NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene 
Amythest Women's Project on Coney Island.
Greenhope Services for Women
Outreach Project-Greenpoint Brooklyn
El Regresso-Willliamsburg, Brooklyn

TRTC has collaborated with several trainers to teach RC in our facilities.

Check out some of our graduating classes!!









"The Recovery Coach" Movie, Starring Donna Mae DePola